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Soul Reading

Soul Reading is powerful intuitive guidance, suitable for you if you are already on a spiritual path. Hanna will connect with your soul’s energy to lovingly lead you towards more clarity, deeper empowerment and new directions for the next chapter of your soul’s journey.
In this way, your Soul Reading will be as unique as you are.


You can prepare for your Soul Reading by considering what your intention is for the session and any questions on which you are seeking clarity. During your appointment, Hanna will read your energy and speak about the intentions you have set.

Sessions are held in person in the centre of Biarritz in this moment or via video call and can be conducted in English,
French or Swedish. 


If your Soul Reading takes place virtually, we recommend that you create a sacred space for yourself in the comfort of your own home. This should be a place in which you feel calm and peaceful and we invite you to light a candle before your reading.

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